20 April 2007

procrastinating on procrastination

March and April where hast thou gone?

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Cookie said...


Your blog has inspired me to embrace my own rampant procrastination and attempt to get writing again. Below is a little something I did after I read your blog. Your blog is my new favorite thing...enjoy (or not). :)

Shout Out to K. Crow

Talk about procrastinating
Papers in the trash
In my dreams
I can’t find
The USB drive
It was in the bread box but
I haven’t been eating
Not for a whole year it seems.

Feel laid out
Addicted to…
Nothing for the first time
But job work assignment lesson plan –I not high.

I teach.
How to write
But have no words of my own.
I stop in the middle of the page b/c I

The Book idea in the back of my head
Next to my graduate school application
Next to my next underwater and across the sea
Next of kin
Identity : Former Writer.