02 October 2007

Leavin' on a midnight plane to Brooklyn.

I'm headed off into the wild blue yonder this evening. Wish me luck on the red eye! Tonight's flight is the start of a whirlwind adventure that I hope to chronicle here in the near future.

I still have some last-minute frayed ends to tie up before I leave. In my rush to get stuff done, where am I directing my misplaced anxiety? Forthcoming library fines. They are as yet non-existent, but I fear that I'll misplace some materials I borrowed in my furious wake. Ridiculous!


Mead said...

Special for you, KC: a fun little piece about how best to deploy those precious procrastination skills we've honed so carefully over the years. It's what we've all been doing anyway, but it takes the guilt out of it! Enjoy. And hurry back.


Mead said...

fUnnily enough, Jane is in Nueva York right casting Twelfth Night -- perhaps you'll run into each other unawares and know by your outfits that you are both theater people?