10 January 2011

Grandma knows best...

Tonight's dinner was leftovers.  Let's say that they were old enough to be on the questionable side.  I gave them the sniff test, which seemed OK. I gave them the once over, and they were perchance on the slimy side, but only if you gave them a good hard look.

I thought about my options for grabbing something quick at a nearby restaurant. Nothing seemed terribly appealing and at 8 pm, dinner was already late. Plus I hadn't called my Grandma to wish her a happy birthday, so I decided postpone my dinner decision until after the phone call.

While I was on the phone with the birthday girl I mentioned that I hadn't eaten dinner yet because I wasn't very hungry and because I was doubting the goodness my leftovers. Grandma told me that while she is no expert on leftovers since my Grandfather stipulated on their wedding day that there were to be no leftovers in his house (something she obliged during their 63 years of marriage), she thought that they were probably still OK, especially if they were microwaved a few seconds too long.

"Besides, Kimberly," she said, "probiotics are very fashionable these days."

What?  At 89 she claims to be slowing down, and that her mind is "not the steel trap is once was" but I think that's pretty hip for an old lady. 

Also, we have a very polite relationship, so it's not like I could say, "Ugh, Grandma. Yogurt that makes you poop is so 2009."

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