21 April 2008

Don't get hot and flustered...

I woke up to a phone call this morning which delivered some disappointing news: I didn't get the job I had interviewed for last week.

I had tried to keep my expectations low. I knew I was a last minute interview, and (in my experience) arts organizations seem to draw from a steady stream of inside candidates. I can't tell you how many inches my heart has sunk upon hearing that I've lost a job to Ms. Whosorwhatsit, invariably the daughter of someone's college roommate and minder of their beloved pet beagle, Chuckie Darwin.

For the record, I don't know nor do I particularly care if that's the case in this instance. I am mostly feeling disheartened because sometime between the interview and this morning's phone call, I had started to mentally prepare myself for a transition into a new work environment. I am really looking forward to the prospect of working, and I feel particularly discouraged by the fact that this news means I will not be returning to the workplace as soon as I'd prefer.

Initially, I dealt with the disappointment by applying to another job and taking a rather lengthy walk through my neighborhood and several surrounding communities. I didn't think this let down was worthy of tears. I also needed to have a good think, and I know better than to believe that enlightenment will come from the comforts of my key snatching couch.

First priority during my big think was to more clearly gauge the level of my desperation. I can cite several examples that suggest that things are inching towards a critical level. For example, I've been plagued by serious pangs of jealousy anytime someone gripes about being stressed out or over-burdened by their job. I mean, these people seriously have no idea how lucky they are to be dedicating themselves to something other than their neuroses. Plus, they possibly have health insurance. Lucky bastards.

Second issue on the big think platter was how to make myself feel better in the interim. The best solution I thought of was going to church. After all, Jesus H. Christ is probably the most sanctimonious freeloader of all time. I can't help but think that if I hang out with people who think he's cool, I will feel like less of a loser. I don't know that this will actually help. Unless I know people in the congregation, the only merit to church is the opportunity for daydreaming during a sermon. My daydreams are rather dark and depressing lately. Besides, I'm starting to believe that I may be too old for my other pew-bound pastime, doodling on the bulletin.

Lastly, I dedicated part of my big think to developing a better strategy in the whole "hurry up and wait" fiasco that seems complicit to any job search. I thought that I might use the spare time and my impetus for working to write some research papers. I even thought of a couple of semi-feasible research topics, including the civic role of Czechoslovakian theaters during the Velvet Revolution. Yes, I am that much of a geek.

I returned home not feeling much better. But I took solace in a couple of words of wisdom plucked from, of all places, The Rocky Horror Picture Show:

"Don't get hot and flustered...use a bit of mustard."

Doctoring up food with condiments can make a bad thing taste a bit better. Somehow my mind wandered to another way that a ho hum situation can be made to be a little more saucy.

Mad Libs.

I have not so secretly delighted in Mad Libs for a long while. So, I immediately knew that I would have to please all 2 1/2 quasi-regular readers of this blog with an interactive Mad Lib entry. In the spirit of the day, this mad lib is titled Rejection Letter. Post your answers in the comments. I will post the completed Mad Libs here in a post on Thursday afternoon.

To fill in the blanks, I need:
  1. Name
  2. Job title
  3. Company Name
  4. Verb ending in -ed
  5. Plural Noun
  6. Adjective
  7. Adjective
  8. Adjective
  9. An Amount
  10. Adverb
  11. Adjective
  12. Plural Noun
  13. Adjective
  14. Noun
  15. Verb ending in -ed
  16. Verb
  17. Noun
  18. Plural Noun
  19. Noun
  20. Verb ending in -ing
  21. Noun
  22. Adjective
  23. Noun
  24. Salutation
  25. Noun


Terry Tebeau said...

1. Blake Yeats
2. crucifix polisher
3. ACME (what else?...)
4. moistened
5. Rabbits
6. amazing
7. chartreuse
8. sandwichy
9. five
10. vigorously
11. plain
12. resumes
13. blocky
14. spleen
15. shucked
16. bury
17. shoe
18. laces
19. work
20. bending
21. Sink
22. shiny
23. hardwood
24. aloha
25. copper pot

Good luck and I hope you get a job real soon as even condiments cost money.

Audra said...
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Audra said...

Audra Petrie Veber
Executive Assistant
Veber Partners
one thousand
paper clips
good morning

cadillac margarita said...

i know i'm a few weeks late here, but:

1)margaret purdy
2)assistant ticketing services manager @amt and box office manager for ballet san jose
12)double LPs
14)burt reynolds
17)san jose
18)roller coasters
19)parking meter
23)roller skate
25)jelly bean

k. crow said...

Margaritaville, I'm posting your answers in the "Use a Bit of Mustard" comments momentarily.