17 April 2008

I waste time so you don't have to.

I'm toying with changing things up around here. I want to call it a regime change, but really it would just mean a little more structure and routine. I generally wrinkle my nose at the thought of structure and routine, then succumb to those same forces. Typically it happens to make my life better. For example, I know my mouth tastes a lot fresher in the mornings when I floss regularly. Structure and Routine. I hate you. I love you. What is my problem? Where's the dent-o-tape?

One idea I've had is a new segment in which I waste time so you don't have to. Basically, I would seek out some decent vehicles for procrastinating so you might be able to use more of your time effectively. Consider it a gift unto you, dear reader.

To get things swinging, I thought I'd share some gems I discovered via YouTube today. People often ask, "Hey, Crow. Where do you find all those videos?" I feel that the only appropriate answer is, "Who says they don't find me?" Think about that while you watch and enjoy.

Watching these videos will waste approximately 7:11 of your time.

The first video, Kewpie Tarako Pasta Sauce was a great way to start a morning after a restless night. This video came my way via the same gent who started Layer Tennis (a.k.a. another good way to pass the time twixt hither and thither). I love the girl's expressions. She is mesmerized; so am I.

Like I said, these videos just seem to find me. Then, finding one might lead to another. For example, the wonderful person who uploaded the previous video listed this one as a favorite. From The Muppet Show, Danny Boy featuring The Swedish Chef, Animal and Beaker.

Oh boy oh boy indeed, Animal.

Okay, okay. I didn't find this last one today, but it is one of my all time favorites. I want to take up Flamenco every time I watch it. This is from the a scene from the Carlos Saura film Flamenco. I think it came out about 10 years ago.


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