05 May 2008

Curiosity killed the crow.

There's two vacant apartments in my building. I'm delighted by this, but not because of the prospect of new neighbors. I'm glad because it the building managers left the doors to the apartments wide open. Isn't an open door merely an invitation to come inside?

Before crossing the threshold, I had flashbacks of fairy tale children wandering into an unknown cottage and subsequently being baked into a pie. I weighed my options, and figured my prospects for survival were pretty good. I'm also pretty sure the doors were left open intentionally, in case a resident is looking for an upgrade of sorts. I'm not in the market, but I didn't think there was any harm in having a poke around.

I love empty rooms. The space is so promising. I look around an empty space and I'm filled with stories of what has happened here and what events will follow. I ask myself, "How does a life fit in here?" as if it were a puzzle and the pieces are furniture and personal history. It's a blank canvas and an empty page.


Matt said...

Beautifully written (again, I'm waiting for the book). I feel the same way about abandoned places (like the dilapidated college in the Santa Cruz mountains) and the desert. Time feels funny to me in places like that...

Matt said...
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