08 May 2008

On Broadway

I was walking down the street yesterday afternoon when I see a gentleman approaching from the opposite direction. I presume he's homeless based on his appearance. He's coming up to everyone he passes on the street and briefly engages them in conversation.

This is when I notice something. Not one person is shaking their head no. Nor is anybody reaching for change. I start to get a bit excited at the prospect of talking to him. What is he going to say?

At last, it's my turn. He smiles at me, and holds up a Scantron form that I recognize as a ballot.

"I just voted for the first woman president!" he says. "She's going to clean up this whole place. Just like my Mom used to clean up the whole house."

Ah. Progress. So bittersweet.


Mead said...

Just sweet, KC, nothing bitter about it. I love that he was so proud.

k. crow said...

I think I was the bitter one.