24 June 2008

Greetings from Catatonia!

Oh boy, Crowcrastination's back by special Rx! No one's more excited about this than you. Woo! Party at your computer.

So,where have I been? I found some postcards that I never bothered to send that might shed some light on the subject. I'm good at stuff like that-- writing letters and never sending them. This habit of mine makes Grandma Crow crazy, which makes me do it more. These half-written notes typically end up in a shoebox in the cabinet next to a stationary collection amassed with help from a passive-aggressive grandmother. These aren't worthy of the shoebox so I'm sharing them below.

As I drudge (and dredge) myself out of this hooha, I've been prescribed a 100+ word post once daily. By a real doctor. Who gives me candy. Delicious, salty candy for my brain! Yum.

Hi Mom! Sending you a "hello" from my retreat from reality. Everything's crap here. I've spent most of the week on the floor of my apartment, ruing our family's proclivity for longevity. My attention span's shot, so better get going. Lots of theoretical dead kittens to cry about. Hi to Dad. Love, K.

Greetings from Catatonia! If you haven't been here already, it's not worth the bother. I've been busy filling my days with a sort of emotional white noise. Everything's sort of indistinct, stagnant and gray. It's both misery-inducing and incredibly comfortable. Don't know if I'll leave. Love, k.

Hey- Been contemplating a disappearance, then realized I already sort of disappeared. Good thing. Less effort than my plans for evaporation. Spending a lot of time in the fetal position. Makes me feel arthritic, which is better than I usually feel. More detached & sad than guilty/fearful. Sans job for 5 months. Couldn't give a shit. Don't want anything. k.

Hi. The other day went for a walk & I saw a dried up slug on the sidewalk. I cried because I was jealous of his last 2 1/2 inches of slime. I tilted my head skyward and let the tears fall into my ears. It was nice to think of this sensation instead of this endless sadness. Regards, k.

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