30 June 2008

Twirpy Twirpy Tweet.

I know that most people need to join another social networking site like they need a hole in their bucket.

I can hear a few cries from the my throng of readers. "Like hell I do," you say. And, "Oh, Crow! You did not just mix metaphors, did you?"

Yes I did and I'm not sorry.

Tonight (as with many nights), I am a having poverty of thoughts. So, instead of boring you with some poorly patched together quibble about the hilarity of my brother-in-law's introduction to English idioms, I thought I'd try to sell you on my hands down favorite social networking site, Twitter.

Like most of these social networking sites, I felt like a giant twirp when I joined. Twitter becomes more fun with each new voice from my sphere of influence. I hope you will consider joining me. It literally only takes a moment of your day to stay connected.

The premise is simple. As a user, you construct 140 character "tweets" that explain what it is you are doing. Some folks follow this to the letter of the law, while others sort of try to out-clever themselves. One of Twitter's more infamous users @Remiel provided the following tweet that I've been toting around in my pocket for weeks:

Tact is the art of deciding between "not really interested" or "really not interested."

You can also find news outlets or political candidates to keep you up to date. Here is a video in case you are still confused about what Twitter is or why it is useful.

So, what are you doing?


cadillac margarita said...

twitter is fantastically addictive.

twitter let me know that you were blogging again

twitter leaves me twitterpated, kinda like new blog posts from crowcrastination. yay!

k. crow said...

Aw, thanks! Much obliged, @tenaciousm.