31 July 2008

With business cards that read K. Crow, Esq.

I like to think that in ten years time I will look back at this rocky patch with some sense of fondness. Somehow, my perspective will change and I will see this as a really productive period in my career as a mercenary procrastinator. A small stack of business cards might help to make the operation look more professional.

But it seems more likely that I will believe that my time was well spent on an extended vacation. It is as if I am spending this time on a guided tour of my own nervous breakdown.

Either way, I definitely know what it means to play imaginary computer games with your furniture.

Procrastination by John Kelly


cadillac margarita said...

that video is bloody brilliant!!! i think i'm going to play the audio at some point tonight.....i just played tetris in my room monday night. i did it to keep from eating away all the good work i have done in the last month :-)

ps. what will your business cards read, besides kim crow esq?

k. crow said...

Coolness. I'll try to listen for it tonight, but my computer is complaining.

Tetris. You know, you could earn activity points by doing a Tetris inspired interpretive dance.

I'm secretly a design snob, so I'd keep the cards streamlined, simple and with a hint of intrigue. The intrigue bit will probably come from the job title.