09 September 2008

Adoptions Pending

If I haven't talked about Mad Men yet, it's because I am working too hard to get adopted by someone that has access to AMC on Sunday nights at 10pm/9 central.

I only know a handful of people that actually own TVs and even fewer with cable or satellite, so this is proving to be difficult. One basic cable patron is convinced that she wants nothing to do with a show with a script that I accidentally described as astute. Most people I ask crack open their front door a tad and shout, "Get off my front lawn, Crow!" This is too bad. I probably brought homemade cookies.

I love this show, and not just because Peggy Olson is a dead ringer for my cousin Janelle. Each episode seems to trump the last in its scintillating critique of juicy topics like office politics, sexism, and family dynamics. I watch this show and I wonder which character I relate to the most.

Imagine my delight when this Flickr set Mad Men Illustrated by Dyna Moe made its way to my Inbox while I was (finally!) downloading last Sunday's episode. Holy frijoles is it good. Here's an example of Joan and her new Xerox.

So, I am still available for adoption on Sundays. I promise that I'm all caught up (after this evening) and that I can scoot out the door post episode, leaving only fresh baked cookies in my wake.

Speaking of adoptions, I am trying to muster the courage to ask for permission to keep a kitty. I've looked into getting my lease amended to include pets and I am pretty sure I qualify for a waiver to keep an emotional support animal. This depression thing has kept me from working for a long while, and I can probably wrangle documentation that this is both an acute and a chronic issue for me. I have mixed feelings about using the system this way, and I really don't want to ask my doctor for a note. But I think a feline friend might just be the right medicine for sad, sad, sad Madame Kim.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words on my illustrations. I, too, don't have cable so I have to wait for new episodes to show up on iTunes and it's a major drag.

k. crow said...

You're very welcome. Your illustrations were too good not to share.

cadillac margarita said...

i need to put season 1 on my netflix cue, stat! I've watched various parts of multiple epi's and i'm just too lazy to pay attention to tv schedules.

i hope you get to keep kitty. meowmeow.

Mead said...

And now you have to worry about how you're going to catch up to HBO's latest juggernaut, True Blood, which is Southern Gothic run amok.

k. crow said...

Mr. Mead, do not tempt me any further. I still have to watch Slings and Arrows.

Mead said...

Nine days and no new posts from K.Crow. I am freaking out on acid!!!

Not to be dramatic or anything.

k. crow said...

I'm working on something as we speak that hopefully explains my absence from the blogosphere.