02 September 2008

This Kitty Needs a Catty

In honor of Labor Day, I went up to the Humane Society to get some kitty lovin'. No offense to the dogs, I just like cats better since they have yet to bite my eyelid off. I went up there because I thought it might help me beat the blues, and because the activity is something I might remember. I needed something to remember Labor Day by so it didn't blur into the mass of inactivity that is my life (as Memorial Day and Independence Day sadly had).

Something I did not think about before I got up there was that the Oregon Humane Society was closed for the holiday. I was a little sad about this, so I had to come back to visit today. Which is when I fell a little bit in love.

Enter Catty, stage left. He is the silent, observant type. Alert, independent but not aloof. Curious, but not one to pry. Enjoys a good scratch between the ears, but maybe prefers sitting beside you to on your lap. A big round face to match his big, saucer-like eyes.

Unfortunately, Catty's been at the shelter far too long due to a handful of seizures he's had. This only makes me think that it is a sign from above. I am so meant to welcome this kitty into my home because of my experience popping phenobarbitol pills into a kitty in my mansion-sitting days. Or my experience splicing pills into marshmallows for an epileptic daschund. These things count on more than just the karmic scale, right?

I might have to have a chat with my building manager about this... maybe I can get a doctor's note to amend my lease?

In any case, I really hope he can find a good home.


Anonymous said...

Hey Kim- First off, thanks for your sweet comments about Audrey. :) I am currently surfing the net while my left breast is being pumped by one of those automatic machines. Sexy.

Anyhow, just wondering if the epileptic doxy was mine. My little doxy had a seizure disorder, but I can't recall if you ever took care of her.

Did you end up getting Catty?


k. crow said...

You're quite welcome. I was actually thinking of another doxy, but I now that I think about it, I did take care of your dogs once or twice and I remember Noel(le?) had to take pill, too. The third is just icing on the cake.

I am still working to get Catty. My aunt and uncle are in town this week, so it is not a good week to put a pet in a new environment. Hopefully all the loose ends will come together very soon.

k. crow said...

By the third is just icing on the cake, I meant that the third example of having to give an animal a medicine is just one more reason Catty would be a good match for me.