25 January 2009


It's official. I have my regularly scheduled end-of-January flu. For some reason, I always seem to be sick for a whole in the latter half of January. It be nice if the my immune system was dependable enough to schedule my illnesses, but I know this is just one long-running fluke.

On the up side of attempting to recuperate, I have been drinking up my stash of blueberry herbal tea. I can't stand the taste of this tea. I can't throw it away. When guests are tempted to try it, I steer them away to another caffeine free alternative. Fortunately, I'm so congested right now that I can't taste a thing. Who said I wasn't a positive person?


Mead said...

Oh dear. So you're missing out on all the Fertile Ground madness. Get well, K.Crow, and go forth again!

Do you need me to bring anything over? OJ o whateva??

k. crow said...

Oh, I think I can maybe still catch a some of Fertile Ground this weekend.

Thank you for your offer of OJ, Mr. Mead. I am on the mend though my coughing scares the cat.