05 August 2008

For the Honor of Grayskull!

Little known secret: I've always wanted to wield a broadsword, and hold it aloft so that I might shout She-Ra's battle cry, "For the honor of Grayskull!" Of course, I would expect a similarly shimmery transformation like that of the pansy-ass Princess Adora to inter-galactic Mistress of the Universe, She-Ra.

Luckily, Marvel.com has a Create Your Own Superhero feature. Of course I made a Crow-esque version of She-Ra.

So like watch the fuck out, Evil Forces of Horde!


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Anonymous said...


Great 80s' memory "For the Honor of Grayskull"!!

I like it so much!

See the vid "I Have The Power" :-)

I created a female "Super Hero", it is more similar to She-Ra. I'll send it to you later, hope you like it!