06 August 2008

KC Love, Birthday Edition

I was going to make a mix tape for my friend Kurt in honor of his birthday. "I want a disco themed birthday," Kurt sousedly admitted last weekend sometime between eating s'mores pancakes and asking me for all my thoughts on God, magazine editing and Stephen Hawking at 5 AM. It was a little late to plan a disco party, but it gave me plenty of time to tinker out a mix tape.

Unfortunately, my computer is sputtering today in a way that suggests that I must ambulate towards the computer hospital. The mix is not going to happen, despite the fact that I have assembled a track list that includes disco strongholds like Gloria Gaynor's Never Can Say Goodbye as well as some kitschy favorites like Barbara Acklin's I'll Bake Me a Man.

Instead, I offer a Crowcrastination birthday tribute to the how now in my brown cow. Like a mixtape, it probably has as much to do with the giver as the receiver... but that's what friends are for, no? Anyway... may I present:

10 Reasons Why My Psychiatrist Says We Have an Inappropriate Relationship

10 Reasons Why KC Love Won't Quit

  1. I made that valentine for Kurt ages ago and he still keeps it tacked on his bedroom door.
  2. Kurt once told me that his Mom had a glass eye. I believed him until he told me she also had no legs.
  3. Kurt has absconded with my copy of Bridget Jones's Diary (a.k.a. BJD) over 2 years ago and I am only a little bit bitter.
  4. Kurt used to light my hair on fire, strand by strand. Despite my threats, he still has his nads.
  5. He is the reason why my default karaoke song is Wuthering Heights.
  6. Once we traipsed around San Francisco doing touristy things. I was so excited to get to show him around the city, I almost got a speeding ticket on my way up from San Jose.
  7. Kurt will totally reinact this Laurie Anderson performance for my amusement if I ask him. (And Kurt, this is me asking.)
  8. Kurt is a good companion on road trips, if only because he knows all the words to the songs on the oldies radio station.
  9. I knew the two of us would be friends when I gave him a kitten as a gift in an improv in the first week of acting class and he was so excited that I thought he might shit his pants.
  10. I knew we would be friends for life when I was having a mad at the world moment and decided I was going to go live in a cave. He gave me permission to go live in a cave, but only if he could live in a cardboard box outside my cave.

I can't remember what I was mad about, but I do know that there is always a spot for Kurt's carboard box wherever I may be.

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