29 August 2008

pancakes and waffles

After waking up at an hour that would be deemed breakfast-worthy, I poured myself a bowl of cereal. This is when I realized that what I really wanted was a pancake or a waffle. Luckily, I found some videos to to satiate my craving.

Question: a fully weaponized waffle bike with a call to prayer public address system. There's some irony there, right?

I've always said that if I ever was in a position to have to create a gift registry for housewares, I'd only register for a nice set of knives. This is not true. I also want a waffle iron. I just don't need it attached to a bicycle.

On the pancake side of things, I think this guy is the cutest. Plus, he's a Hungry Jack connoisseur just like me.

Pull a chair up with a hyrup! I'm having pancakes for dinner tonight.

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